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Who am I?

Why are there some people who seem to crush it and are super successful while others…. are not. Even worse, some of them make it even look so effortlessly. A perfect life, successful business.

Say did you ever ask yourself the following question:

How the hell can I change my life and business and simply… have success?

You can blame the lack of success on the bad economy, corrupt politics, greedy managers or your lazy dog, but that’s simply not gonna make anything better than it actually is.

But, you need to be honest here.

If you are doing exactly the same thing as everybody else – why do you expect a better result than them?

Well, here’s how I see it:

It’s better to take an approach different to 99,9% of the others out there… or do you really want to end up as just as another one in a billion for life?

Well, of course your approach should be not only different … but also smart.

You remember what they all used to say, right? Your parents, your school, your friends.

Go to school, maybe university and study hard. Then get a job and work hard. I mean, really hard!

Only then you will be rewarded.

But… what if I tell you it’s not really about working harder – but instead about working smarter?

Imagine the following:

  • You always know exactly what really matters because you have defined the big picture
  • You can work laser-focused on your goals and don’t waste your energy on useless, tiring  stuff
  • You actually start working less and achieve more… at the same time
  • You understand that the “when” is equally important as the “how”
  • You see that success in the long run is based much more on your personal development than your formal education

You need to understand – there simply is no magic tool or app that will help you lead a better, more successful life.

The key is … you. Nobody or nothing else. The right mindset, the right approach and the right systems literally can do miracles. Maybe not overnight, but over time.

Hi – I am Jue and I love to build systems tailored for sustainable success – smarter business, richer life!

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Academic Background

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business: Executive Program in Corporate Strategy

A fantastic week in Chicago learning about techniques to understand the competitive structure of an industry and a company’s competitive advantage. Analysis of various strategic decisions, including positioning, pricing, new venture, technology, and diversification. In addition, the program looked at how organizational structure impacts effective strategy development and implementation. Amazing insights from people like Prof. Toby Stuart (Chair in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Berkeley).

WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business): Mag.rer.soc.oec (MSc equivalent) in Business Administration

While hating the first 2 semesters of those stupid multiple-choice tests, I definitely loved the rest. I specialized in finance (banking management, investment banking, capital markets) and strategy (management, controlling & consulting). Diploma thesis “Implementing a collateralized debt obligations pricing model using the monte carlo simulation and copula approach.” Eventually, I graduated with distinction in 2007 (average grade: 1.27). The knowledge and enthusiasm about those topics are still the same today!

University of South Australia: Summer study program in Finance

Spending a “summer university” in Australia probably doesn’t make too much sense if it is actually the winter-time in Adelaide – but other than that it was a great, diverse month at the University of South Australia.

Professional Certifications

CQF Institute: Certificate in Quantitative Finance (CQF)

The CQF is designed to equip you with the specialist quant skills essential to success in the financial industry: mathematics, statistics, programming, risk & return, data science & machine learning, several asset classes (equities, currencies, fixed-income, credit). Final project: “Implementing HJM model by Monte Carlo Simulation und Pricing Basket Credit Default Swap by Copula Method.”

CAIA Association: Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA)

The CAIA Charter is the globally-recognized credential for professionals managing, analyzing, distributing, or regulating alternative investments. It covers alternative asset classes such as hedge funds, private equity, structured products, or real assets and commodities.

Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP): Certified Financial Risk Manager (FRM)

FRM is a leading certification for risk managers and is awarded only to professionals who demonstrate the knowledge and ability to anticipate, respond, and adapt to critical risk issues. It covers various types of risk (e.g., market, credit, etc.), governance and regulations, portfolio management, or stress-testing.

… anything else?

I speak Viennese German, the other German, English (please decide yourself what accent!) and Catalan!

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